Clockwork Flight Earrings

These elegant, steampunk-inspired earrings required a bit of trial and error, but they were very fun to make.

I’ve always wanted to make a pair of steampunk earrings, but the ironic thing is I’d never thought about what a pair of steampunk earrings would look like. I’ve seen chandelier-style ones with lots of tiny charms, and I’ve seen ones which involved a lot of chains, brass and pewter.

But as I was looking through my collection of charms, something just clicked. Suddenly, I knew exactly what I was doing with those charms. I’d had the small wing, key and gear charms for a long time, and the filigree pieces for even longer. And now I had an idea what to do with them.

At first, I had no idea how many charms I should add. I started out with 7, but that was too many. They were really heavy and dangled awkwardly, and you really couldn’t see the brass filigree behind the charms.

Eventually I pared it down to just three charms. Three turned out to be perfect.

And now I’m excited to share the new Clockwork Flight earrings with all of you!

You can find them on Etsy here.



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