Freedom Blue Jacket


Inspired by Steve Rogers’ blue jacket in Captain America: the Winter Soldier, this rugged jacket is perfect for cooling fall days and superhero adventures. With a gabardine shell and fleece lining, this high-waist jacket is both warm and durable. The zippered pockets keep keys (and flash drives!) from falling out, and the buckles on the sleeves ensure that you’ll be warm right down to your wrists. Can be adapted for both male and female figures.

(Captain America shield necklace created by sugarandspicedrops on Etsy.)



5 thoughts on “Freedom Blue Jacket

    1. I actually need to review prices on the material I use… Let me google it…
      Ugh, fabric is so expensive since Hancock’s closed! Estimate for fabric alone is $58, so I’d have to charge at least $80 for the jacket (including the time it took to make it). Hopefully I’ll be able to find some cheaper fabric to make the jacket itself cheaper, but other replicas of that same jacket can run up to $130, so I’d say that a jacket of this quality is a pretty good find.


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